Born To Ruin I: The Way Is Shut


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released June 1, 2013



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Track Name: Wolvesblood
Lupus Cruor hardens the veins a thousand knives have failed to slay.
To the best the boys betrayed as the howling stalk the falling day.
To seven serpents I am chained, dragged behind my souls decay.
All empathy it slips away as the Wolvesblood calls and has its way.
I warn you the battle is over, the heart that you seek is no more.
No love, no hope of curing what I have embraced with open arms.
Now I seek no shelter nor the warmth of home.
I have shed all human failings
And made a kingdom in the cold.
Countless days in numbing cold until painless hours steeled my soul.
Awash in flesh and greed I bowed,
And stood anew with iron bones.
Your arms that take, invertebrate.
The venom killed all hope for me.

You only hurt the ones you love so I'll take my heart and rip it out.
Track Name: Lilith
A thousand days in numbing cold
And you are warm.
But I let go.
She is a starless sky over my endless night,
And you are bright.
But I let go.
There is no weight to my tired soul, I drift away.
And you are the rope
You are heaven sent but I cannot ascend.
I am blind, shroud of black.
You are oxygen/ she is a heart attack.
The warmth it shocks knowing only cold.
And you cant know peace never knowing home.
That part is dead, the prize you seek.
The tower tall and the boy was weak.
I lift my gaze to your crying eyes
But my fate is sealed, I am denied.
To cut that piece from my brain
Where her taste and smell lies in wait.
The shadowed hates of my mind
The castle is a tomb and the throne is mine.

I've long forgotten life outside.
A rising sun only burns my eyes.
Skins gone pale, I'm the king of night.
Drag my chains, I don't live or die.
I am bound to this place now cold and grey.
A thousand days in numbing cold and she was warm.
But I let go.
You are a starless sky over my endless night.
And she was bright.
There is no weight/ tired soul
You are a noose, she was a rope.

She was heaven sent but I descend.
Track Name: Negative Zone
I will not be saved, nothing remains anyway.
I struggle to recall the anchors of the soul
To feel human at all
I don't want to be this way
I wish nothing more than to leave this place
But now I fear we are as one
This void, this hell
That I have become.

Their voices call for me
A light through the storm as I'm lost at sea
At last free I am free of pain.
With nothing left to fill my rotting veins.

Now here I stand at my strongest ever.
This lifeless land.

I am God here.
Track Name: Night (Zola Jesus Cover)
It's getting late
It's getting dark
In the end of the night I can feel your warmth
Come up close
Close to me
Cause In the end of the night I can feel you breathe
Don't be afraid
Don't be alarmed
In the end of the night you're in my arms
I'm on my bed
My bed of stones
But in the end of the night we'll rest our bones
So don't you worry
Just rest your head
Cause in the end of the night we'll be together again
You don't need to worry
I'll make your bed
And in the end of the night I can hold your hand
So come close, close to me
And I'll come closer to you
Cause in the end of the night when all we have is gone
Yes in the end of the night when I can be with you